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Plan and rediscover exotic Andaman with incredible experiences all specially made for you.

Port Blair

Chatham Saw Mill

You may wonder that what specialty a saw mill has to be an important tourist location, except some logs of wood, a few machines and intolerable sound of saw machines. But, your prejudices will be wrong in case of Chatham Saw mill in Port Blair. It is not only holds the record of being Asia’s largest and oldest saw mill, but the history that Chatham Saw Mill had witnessed over the years makes it extraordinary from other mills. The Chatham Government, which was established in 1883 is located on Chatham Islands and is under taken care by the Forest Department of Port Blair.

History of Chatham Saw Mill

The legacy of Chatham Saw Mill stated in 1789, with the arrival of Lt. Archibald Blair in Port Blair in his vessel Viper to establish a British settlement here. The ”Viper” crashed near a small Island, which is now named after it as Viper Island and late he set his foot on Chatham Island. Chatham Island lies in close proximity to Viper Island. He began the survey from Chatham Island with an aim of establishing the British footholds on the islands. Thus Port Blair was used as a safe place to deport the hard-core convicts. Later, a 100 meter long bridge was constructed out of timber from Port Blair to Chatham. This historic bridge was later renovated to a modern bridge as existing today using concrete. The Chatham Saw Mill, which was established in 1883 with the second hand imported machines, met the local requirement of timber for construction works. The saw mill had witnessed to the rise and fall of several regimes in the Islands since 1883. Since then, it was the center that provided timber for the Islanders for various construction needs. During the West colonial period Chatham, British used this mill to convert huge quantity of timber for catering the various needs of London, New York and various other cities. During the Second World War, Japanese bombarded the mill on 1942 March 10, in which the many workers were succumbed to death. It is said that even the rocks flew like Frisbee discs and the underlying seawater gushed out in the hour long bombing. The islands were under the control of Japanese from 1942 to 1945. It was revived in 1946 after the World War II. During 1950s and 1960s, people from Sri Lanka, East Pakistan, Burma and different states of India settled in the islands and it increased the requirement of saw timber that will result in the rebirth of Chatham Saw Mill.

Functioning of Chatham Saw Mill

Chatham Saw Mill has been functioning as the backbone of the wood based industrial unit in the Islands. It could achieve a prominent position in the big and small famous saw mills of the Asian region. This pioneer giant is able to saw about 20, 000 cum logs annually in three shifts. All the major timber trees found in the islands are used as raw material in the Mill and the entire production is used locally for construction purposes and furniture making. Chatham Saw Mill gives direct employment to about 750 people. There are separate sections in the mill to organize the functioning. While the log depot segregates the log available from the forests and feeds them into the Mill, the mill section converts the round logs into different sizes. The seasoning and preservative treatment of sawn timber, which is essential for increasing its longevity, are carried out by the Timber Processing Unit. Handling and converting sawn timber as well as sailing them is the duty of yard section. There are some other units such as construction unit, saw doctoring unit, mechanical unit, electrical unit dispensary, canteen & security etc. that are working to ensure the smooth functioning of the mill.

Forest Museum

The Department of Environment & Forests has established a modern Museum in the compound of Chatham Mill complex in September 2006. The Museum, which exhibits beautiful and historically important photographs and general working of the Department of Environment & Forests, has historic, cultural, educational and scientific values. Several souvenirs and various handicrafts with intricate carving, designing, polishing and skilled craftsmanship are also displayed in the museum. These handicrafts and furniture show the skill of the locals here. Some trunks, which are unbelievably large in diameter and have natural designs, are really an attraction to the tourists. As the museum exhibits almost all information about the history, geography, flora and fauna available in Andaman and Nicobar Islands, it is a storehouse of information on these islands for tourists.

Pillar of the Planet

You can see a memorial called Pillar of the Planet in the mill’s premises that was established in March 2009 with an aim of commemorating 125 years of Forestry in the Island.

Tips for Tourists

As Chatham Mill is tucked away at the far end of the plot, you may miss it, if you do not ask about it. But, the various procedures in the Mills including bringing the woods into the mill on boats, sorting, cutting and stored them in ware houses to being transformed into final wooden planks and sending them to various destinations are an interesting experience. All these process are labeled and explained here. The working time of Chatham Saw Mill is from 8.00 to 14.30 in all days except Mondays and public holidays. Adult should take a ticket to visit the Mill, while children have free entry. Still camera and video camera are not allowed inside the mill. You can reach to the mill from Port Blair through road.

It may be surprising news for you that the beautiful crimson walls of the Buckingham Palace were made of the local Padauk wood processed in Chatham Saw Mill. Visiting Chatham Saw Mill is definitely an interesting expedition for the people, who like to know the island’s history and to learn about an aspect of life they would not otherwise explore.

Forest Museum (Chatham) timings: 10.00 AM to 2.00 PM

It is closed on Sundays and Public Holidays.

Samudrika Naval Marine Museum

Samudrika Naval Marine Museum is a museum situated in Port Blair in India . The museum is run by the Indian Navy. This museum aims to generate awareness about the environment in the ocean and the marine life. The museum has five sections presenting history of Andaman Islands, Geographical information, people of Andaman, Archaeology and Marine life.[1]
Situated opposite Andaman Teal House, Delanipur, Port Blair, this museum create awareness on various aspects of oceanic environment and houses a vast collection of cells, corals and a few species of colorful fishes of the sea around the Islands.

Located in Port Blair, Samudrika Naval Marine Museum is a well-known tourist attraction in the Andaman Islands. This popular sightseeing place of Andaman is also known as Fisheries Museum. This place has a wide range of installations with informative coverage of the islands’ ecosystem, plants, animals, tribal communities and marine life. This museum also includes a small aquarium that houses various collections of fishes and corals and shells. On the outside you will also come across a skeleton of a blue whale that was washed ashore on the Nicobar Island. The Samudrika Naval Marine Museum is run by the Indian Navy and it stores five galleries dotted with history, geography, anthropology and marine life of the Island. Besides this, there is also a tiny zoo that shelters saltwater crocodiles in Haddo of Andaman Island.

Getting There

The museum is located at a distance of almost 9 kilometers from the central Port Blair in the Andaman Islands.

Timings: 09:00 AM to 12.00 Noon and 02.00 PM to 05.00 PM.It is closed on Monday and Public Holidays.

SagarikaMuseum (Govt. Cottage Industry)

It exhibits a spectrum of artifacts made of mother pearls and other sea shells and local wood products miniatures of Nicobarese canoes, palm mats for floors’ tables and furniture are  also available here. The only Govt. shopping centre. A Real good collection of items madefrom products of sea like Shells, Coconut and wood, however similar products are available at lower rate in Aberdeen market around Clock tower.

It is closed on Sundays and Public Holidays. Timings: 8.45 AM to 6.45 PM

Zoological Survey of India Museum

The Zoological Survey of India Museum in Port Blairis Famous for Natural beauty, wildlife collection, experience is an intensively maintained museum housing specimens of wildlife, mostly marine, which are par excellence by any standards. They have species of exotic creatures like corals, whales and even anemones and starfish, live and also remnants like skeletons and fossils in some cases. The species are obtained from nearby waterbodies like the Bay of Bengal, and are curated according to the scientific criteria of the administrative institution. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is popular with academics and scientists as well, along with laymen and tourists.

Traveller Tips

  • Carry equipment like sunglasses with you.
  • Do not cause any pollution.
  • You are not allowed to carry cameras inside, so no photography or filming.
  • Pets are also not allowed inside.

Things to Do

Try and learn of the habitats, lifestyles and relevance of each of the species to human life.

Go to the many nearby beaches for seclusion, natural beauty and tranquil ambience.

You can indulge in adrenaline sports in these islands.

Also, there are exclusively built shopping complexes nearby which you can browse.

Availability of Guides

Guides contribute towards the essence of the tour, and as such, the presence of a good guide is absolutely necessary. You can hire guides at varying rates locally, their fees chargeable on the basis of time. Make sure you understand what they say. You can take guides along with you before departing as well. And moreover, there are sometimes locals who serve as the best guides possible.

Best Time to Visit

The Andamans, like Uttarakhand, maintain a more or less equitable climate all the year round, but it does tend to get quite hot in summer due to tropical climate. The monsoons are sometimes risky and prevent proper underwater viewing, so winters are the best time for a visit, November to April.

Interesting Facts and Trivia About Zoological Survey of India Museum

It is located just across the street from the renowned Teal Bhavan and also close to the Rajiv Gandhi centre for water sports and activities.

The samples here can be used as research topics, they are so well maintained.

There are special tour programs now in the Andamans, close to these museums, which make you feel inside an aquarium through underwater journeys.

Visiting time: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM on all days of the week except Sunday. On Sundays it is open from 9:00 AM to 5:30 PM

Visiting time: Generally, around 2-3 hours

Anthropological Museum

One of the best, and well-maintained museums of Andaman, Anthropological Museum sheds light on the profound and informative portrait of island’s local community of tribes. These tribes are considered as one of the oldest in the world. Situated at the Middle Point in Port Blair, this best sightseeing place in Andaman is a historical delight and makes the tourists explore the life of Paleolithic Islanders. The major exhibits of this museum are Jarawa chest guard, shamanic sculptures and much more. The Anthropological Museum offers the highlights of primordial eras of Jarawas, the Onges, the Sentinelese, the Shompens and the Nicobarese. In short, a museum with blessed with a plethora of reasons making it a must-visit destination in Andaman.

Timings: 09:00 AM to 01.00 PM and 01.30 PM to 04.30 PM

Cellular Jail Museum (National Memorial)

The CELLULAR jail, a National Memorial, is located at Port Blair which stood as a mute witness to the most brutal and barbaric atrocities meted out to national freedom fighters, who were incarcerated in this jail.

The jail, completed in the year 1906 acquired the name ‘Cellular’ because it was entirely made up of individual cells for solitary confinement. It originally was a seven-block structure with three stories and a central tower acting as its fulcrum comprising of honeycomb like corridors. This jail, now a place of pilgrimage for all freedom-loving people draws everyone down memory lane to the years of freedom struggle.

Jail Museum opens from 9:00 am to 12:00 noon and from 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm all days except Monday & National holidays.

Sound and Light Show at Cellular Jail

The Sound and Light show in the Cellular Jail narrates the saga of the Indian freedom struggle, brought alive through sound and light effect of the brutal and barbaric atrocities piled on the freedom fighters deported to these islands and incarcerated in the small cells of this jail. This show is very popular among the tourists visiting these islands.

Timing: Two Hindi shows on all days at 6:00 pm and at 7:15 pm except on Monday, Wednesday & Friday when second show is in English at 7:15 pm.

Water Sports Complex

Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex is also named as Andaman Water Sports Complex, this must visit place is filled with fun, excitement and delight. Another added attraction in Andaman is located in the heart of Port Blair. Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex offers the traveller an assortment of thrilling water sports activities and this enticing list includes row boats, paddle boats, etc. In the adventure sports, you will find sports like parasailing, banana boats, speed boats etc. Other than offering a serene and congenial water sports experience, Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex also holds historical prominence.

This is the memorial place of the Battle of Aberdeen, which was fought between Andaman aborigines and British in the year 1859. Thus, Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex holds sundry reasons that make it worth visiting attraction on your Andaman trip. The Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex also houses a memorial of the ‘Battle of Aberdeen’ that was fought between the Britishers and Andamanese aboriginals during the year 1859.

These pristine islands offer some of fun loving unforgettable water sports activities. The facilities for these water sport activities are available in Port Blair and other islands. Andaman & Nicobar Islands, which is surrounded by rich coral reef eco system, offers unique life time diving experience.

The Rajiv Gandhi Water Sports Complex at Port Blair offers Safe water sports activities and also Adventure water sports activities such as joy rides on speedboats, Jet Ski & Banana rides.

The North Bay beach, which is north of Port Blair, provides snorkeling opportunities around its fringing coral reefs. There are various adventure sport activities available at North Bay beach. These activities include scuba diving, sea walk, speed boat cruise, snorkeling. This place is also ideal for wilderness trekking.

Havelock, located 39 km. north east of Port Blair, a picturesque island with beautiful sandy beaches and rich marine life, offers variety of adventure water sports activities, such as scuba diving, Sea walk and snorkeling, fun ride on speed boat & jet ski. The water lovers may also take a glass bottom boat ride in its shallow waters to see corals colorful fishes & marine life.


This is one of the best ways to experience underwater marine life. A unique experience, the sea walk is a great way to observe different varieties of fish and corals. The sea walk is a rare life time experience.

Scuba Diving

Scuba Diving is a great way to explore the beautiful underwater marine life. Swim among schools of fish, admire the beautiful corals and enjoy the serenity of underwater life. There are many diving schools that offer short term diving courses. Diving equipment is also easily available for hire.

Jet Ski ride

Enjoy the thrill of adventure on a Jet Ski ride. One of the most popular water sports in the Andamans; you do not need any training to enjoy a Jet Ski ride. There are many Jet Ski operators in the Islands offering Jet Ski ride.


One of the best ways to explore the beautiful underwater life, without swimming too deep is by snorkeling. There are many tour operators offering basic snorkeling courses and snorkeling gear for rent.


Andaman Island is a great destination for Kayaking, and this specific program is an awesome experience for travellers. Well, if you have never experienced Kayaking then your trip to the Andaman should be just perfect to try this out here.

FACT: Did you know that Andaman Mangroves comprise of 1/5th of India’s total mangrove population.

Now, this tour takes place at Havelock Island. The initial training begins near Havelock Island Jetty where you are made familiarized with how to use a kayak. Post your training and familiarization we begin our journey on a kayak to explore the rich diversity of the Mangroves at Havelock Island. The tour takes place for around 2.5 Hours, and the best part is that you require no prior experience of paddling. The chirping of birds during your journey along with a very nice view makes it one among the best kayak tours in India.

There is one thing that we can promise is that after your experience here in the islands, you will forever fall in love with Kayaking.

NOTE : Maximum 10 Seats allowed per day. Trip includes refreshments, life Jackets and Certified Instructor. Prior confirmation of the trip is a must. The trip is subject to weather conditions. In case of bad weather the trip will get cancelled and the amount will be refunded back.


Located in Port Blair Fisheries Museum is a well-known tourist attraction in the Andaman Islands. This popular sightseeing place of Andaman has a wide range of installations with informative coverage of the islands’ ecosystem, plants, animals, tribal communities and marine life. This museum includes a small aquarium that houses various collections of fishes and corals and shells. This museum is located adjacent to the Rajiv Gandhi Water Sport Complex, Port Blair. And this place exhibits species of marine life endemic to the islands.

Getting There

The museum is located at a distance of almost 9 kilometers from the central Port Blair in the Andaman Islands.

Things to Do & See in and around

Fisheries Museum houses hundreds of marine species of unusual fishes, corals and shells. This place is perfect for studding of various marine species.

Museum Timings

The timings of the museum are from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and it is closed on Mondays, public holidays and second Saturdays.

Best Time to Visit

Best time to visit is throughout the year, however, the best season and months to sightsee and get the best of the attraction is from November to February.

Science Centre

The Science Centre, situated 5kms. from Port Blair town, has an ‘Andaman and Nicobar Islands Gallery’ with interactive exhibits depicting genesis of the islands, volcanic activities, science of oceans, fun science gallery, modern technology gallery, Taramandal (Portable planetarium), and an in-house butterfly corner. It is closed on all Mondays and Public Holidays.

Timings: 10.00 AM to 5.30 PM

Marina Park

Andaman is not just limited to a trip to the historical Cellular Jail or water sports and beach bathing. It has a lot more to offer than tourists may be aware of. Having been already established as a great place to relax and rejuvenate, the Andaman, also has a completely different side to it, which may be referred to as its educational side. Apart from learning about various historical events which took place primarily during the reign of the British in India, there are certain places in Andaman which also offer a knowledgeable yet fun experience for the tourists.

5 Interesting Things About the Marina Park

1. First and foremost, a lot can be learnt about the 350 different species of marine organisms and their preferred habitat which had once thrived across the different sea beds of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands, since they are all one display, preserved in glass jars.

2. The aquarium houses quite a few live marine animals which include the table corals, sea turtles, sharks, crabs and starfishes along with different types of shells and other corals.

3. The park also holds the skeleton of a huge sperm whale, popular for being the largest toothed whale to have been found across the whole world.”The Sperm Whale Skeleton at Marina Park”

4. The Marina Park is also the abode of live display of dolphins and endangered saw fishes, barely seen on the Indian coasts.

5. Another amazing thing about this Park is that has lush green lawns surrounding it offering a great picnic spot for those who intend to spend the entire day learning about marine life and then relaxing nearby while enjoying the greenery around.

Gandhi Park

This beautiful park at Port Blair has facilities like amusement rides, safe water sports and nature trail around the lake, garden, restaurant and historic remains like Japanese temple as well as a bunker. The erstwhile Dilthaman tank, which was the only source of drinking water for Port Blair and the area around, has been developed as Gandhi Park in an unbelievably short time of 13 days. It is open all days.

Kalapani Museum

Kalapani Museum is unique amongst all museums in Port Blair and is the only private history museum in the country, setup in a three storied building, where history is brought alive through miniature and life size models and dioramas. The museum has a vast collection of rare archival photographs, paintings and artifacts of tribes, history, rare original documents of Colonial and Japanese periods, including many documentaries and films related to the Island and the Indian Freedom Struggle. It takes the visitors on a journey of rediscovery and unfolding the unknown and untold mysteries of the Island.

Timings: 09:00 AM to 07:00 PM
The Museum is open 7 days a week (No Holidays)

Corbyn’s Cove Beach

Corbyn’s Cove beach- the coconut-palm fringed beach, six kilometers away from Port Blair town is ideal for swimming and sun-basking. Facilities like hotel, restaurant, bar, changing room, adventure water-sports are available here. Historical remains like Japanese Bunkers can be seen on the way to this beach. The Snake Island situated just across the beach is popular for scuba diving. The Waves Restaurant & Beer Bar run by Tourism department provides delightful cuisine at reasonable rates in a soothing ambience.

Ross Island

This small island, less than a square kilometer stands right across Port Blair. This island served as the capital to the Britishers from 1858 to 1941 when the Japanese occupied it and converted it to a ‘POW site’. This island homes the ruins of the church, Chief Commissioner’s house, the Cathedral and graveyard of the Britishers and few other important landmarks which today is hugged by wild wines and huge roots and trunks of century old trees. To reach Ross Island, private ferries are available from Aberdeen Jetty except on Wednesday.

There is a pathway up to the northern end of the Island, where the new concrete 10 m high circular lighthouse Tower was constructed in 1977, on an offshoot rock about 50 meters (160 ft) away from the shore line. The tower is approachable during the low tide. It was at this lighthouse that photo voltaic panels were introduced for the first time in India, to charge the batteries for the operation of light.

Ross Island has thick forests. To any onlooker it may give the impression that it has no “life” — in the sense that there is no human habitation. Spotted Deer and peacocks are mostly found in the island and the island is full of palm and coconut trees.

Sound & Light show narrating the history can be seen on all days except Wednesday at 5.30 pm.

North Bay Island

The iconic lighthouse of North Bay appears on every 20 rupees Indian currency note. North Bay beach which is north of Port Blair provides snorkeling opportunities around its fringing coral reefs. Private ferry service takes you from Aberdeen Jetty across North Bay and brings back after a three hour stay. The corals at North Bay are spread over a large area. During snorkeling, one can spot many species of fish, lobsters and even clams on the coral reef. Sea walk is the latest addition of facilities there to watch under water life

North Bay Island is one among the most popular destination at the Andaman Islands. Usually, this trip is covered as part of both North Bay Island along with Ross Island. However, you could also select just North Bay island trip as well for that you have to charter a private boat from Andaman water sports complex. Now, the boarding point for North Bay Island keeps changing based upon Government regulation. Sometimes it is Andaman Water Sports Complex and sometimes it is Junglighat jetty. You will have to know where to go to board the ferry before moving to North Bay Island.

North Bay Island offers people with beautiful coral reefs alluring to visitors who are visiting this destination for the first time. Activities such as snorkeling, scuba diving, sea walking, glass boat ride, semi submarine are available at the island.  Now, North Bay offers much more activities for travellers than Havelock and Neil Island. Apparently, the lighthouse seen at the back of a 20 Rupee Indian note is from the North Bay Island. Isn’t that good known. Well, the reason is not known why this destination was chosen to be at the back of a 20 Rupee note, however, it feels great to be a part of it.

Viper Island

Positioned near the Port Blair, Viper Island was the location of old jail used by the British to keep political prisoners and harbor convicts. This island is exceptionally exquisite and tranquil. The name of this island is kept after the name of the vessel in which Lt. Archibald Blair came to Andaman and Nicobar in the year 1789. This beautiful island is swarmed by visitors as it serves a wonderful amalgamation of historically significant elements and arresting grandeur of nature. Thus, Viper Island is no less than an empyrean for both the bugs of history and nature admirers.

Getting There

Ferries are available between Viper Island and Port Blair.

Things to Do & See in and around

One can take a tour of the old jail building. During the boat journey to this island one can also see the main port and navy ships of Port Blair. The panoramic view of seven points from the harbour is also something to relish here.

Best Time to Visit:

Though one can visit the island throughout the year, the ideal time would be between November and February when the weather cools down a bit and the humidity is almost zero.


Wandoor is at a distance of 29 Kms from Port Blair and covers an area of 281.5 Sqr. Kms. west of Port Blair is the famous Wandoor beach known for scenic beauty and is very popular amongst tourists. Wandoor is a wonderful beach in Port Blair. It attracts many tourists everyday during the season. The beach is located around 25 km far away from Port Blair. It is very close to Mahatma Gandhi National Marine Park which is a museum of its own kind. Wandoor beach is a broad clean sandy beach famous for its calm & glorious scenes. More over, haunting trees on the coast line, shuddered by the Tsunami creates an elegant landscape also. It Takes around an hour to reach Wandoor beach from Port Blair. Hired a cab from Port Blair and took time to reach the spot about 50 minutes.. One needs to take permit, issued by the Forest Department and the boat ticket from the boat operators which are available at the Reception Counter of Directorate of Tourism from a Single Window before proceeding to Wandoor. The best time to visit the beach is in the morning. An excellent option for offbeat travellers is Wandoor beach

Mahatma Gandhi Marine National Park

Jolly Buoy Island

This journey is a memorable journey for the thick forest surrounding the clear pristine sea. It is one to one and half hour journey from Wandoor beach. Check out the opening of the Jolly buoy in the particular season of the year as it is not opened during the entire year.

Boats are available from 9.00am onwards. Visitors are supposed to deposit INR 100 against their each plastic items carrying to Jolly Buoy at the ticket point. The journey gives an out of the world experience.Visitors can enjoy the underwater coral view through snorkeling, Scuba diving or from the glass bottom boat. As a standard trip, while getting down from the ship and transferring to the island through small boats, visitors will be taken through a ride and will be shown these underwater corals through glass bottom. This is for only a very short duration (5 to 10 minutes)

In Jolly Buoy Island nothing is available. Visitors are supposed to carry all items required for them like, food, water etc. At Wandoor beach tender coconuts are available.

People visiting this place through travel agents will get everything packed and will be accompanied by one of the person. People have to carry swim suits or other wears suitable for Snorkeling and scuba diving. Jolly buoy is a no man’s land. When we visited the place, only two motor boats (port charter boats) along with small boats (for coral view) brought all the visitors and everything returned back. Jolly buoy island is just like an end of the world place. Surrounding the Jolly buoy island there are other islands with thick forests. People can enjoy the running sea view between these islands.

Red Skin Island

The Red Skin Island derived its name due to the abundance of red corals lining the coastal area of the island. The sea water appears reddish due to these corals and can be best seen on a glass floor boat, which make the journey to this island worthwhile. The island is a very small and has an extremely narrow beach which can be conveniently reached via a jetty from Wandoor, which is only 40 minutes away from Port Blair. The first jetty leaves at 10 am and if you are visiting the Andaman during the peak tourist season, then a tour to the Red Skin Island is not recommended, since it becomes extremely crowded due to the abundance of visitors. The most appropriate time to take a trip to the Red Skin Island is the off-season, although during the monsoons you can avoid the scorching sun and excessive humidity, but the trip won’t be enjoyable if the island is overcrowded. So to make it easier to glide through this small and gorgeous, uninhabited island, and enjoy the red corals, is to ensure that there are barely any other visitors during that time of the year.

Sippighat Farm

The Sippighat Farm near Port Blair is spread over an area of 80 acres of land at a distance of 15 km from Port Blair when going towards Wandoor. The whole area is dedicated to the research and development programs for the cultivation of cloves, nutmeg, cinnamon, pepper and coconut.

The area is under the government and the Central Agricultural Research Institute which is located in the Sippighat Farm is responsible for carrying out the study and methods to improve spice cultivation.

Mount Harriet

Mount Harriet National Park is a beautiful place, located in the Andaman district of Andaman and Nicobar Islands (Union territory) of India. The place is shown on the reverse side of Rupee 20 note in India.Mount Harriet National Park was established in the year of 1987. Total area of the park is 46.62 KmMount Harriet (383 m), which is part of the park, is the third-highest peak in the Andaman and Nicobar archipelago next to Saddle Peak (732 m) in North Andaman and Mount Thullier (568 m) in Great Nicobar.

The park is named in commemoration of Harriet Tytler, the second wife of Robert Christopher Tytler, a British army officer, an administrator, naturalist and photographer, who was appointed Superintendent of the Convict Settlement at Port Blair in the Andamans from April 1862 to February 1864. Harriet is remembered for her work in documenting the monuments of Delhi and for her notes at the time of the Revolt of 1857 in India.

ChdiyatapuBeach (Sun set Point)

Chidiyatapu, also known as “Sunset Point” and “Bird Island,” is one of the best places to see the sunset in Port Blair, the main hub of the Andaman Islands

Chidiyatapu- the southernmost tip of South Andaman Island situated at a distance of 28 Kms from Port Blair.. It is famous for bird watching, sunset view, panoramic scenic beauties, and many colors of oceanic view. Swimming can be done at Chidiyatapu.  Safety places boards are erected in Chidiyatapu.  But beware of crocodiles. The biological park at Chidiyatapu is the added attraction. There is a Forest Guest House run and maintained by Forest Department, is under Chief Wildlife Warden

This beach is small in size flanked with sea walls. Dotted with green mangroves and peaceful forest, it is a perfect place for nature lovers. The place is also famous for its 46 varieties of endemic birds, white spotted deer and seasonal orchids

While Chidiyatapu is probably the best sunset spot accessible from Port Blair, the horizon is obstructed by the hills of Rutland Island across the bay.  As a result, the best colors come out about 30 to 45 minutes after the sun dips below the hilly horizon. Chidiyatapu Biological Park, Chidiyatapu Beach, and the Sylvan Sands and Mundapahar beaches are the prime attractions. The beaches are a paradise for collectors of sea shells because different varieties of colorful shells lie strewn all around.